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Liveability Monitor for North West 2014

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Measured by the general standards for satisfactory delivery of basic services and good governance, the majority of municipalities in North West fared abysmally. Only 3 out of 19 municipalities in North West obtained liveability scores of more than 5 out of 10. This counts among the findings of the Solidarity Research Institute (SRI’s) liveability monitor for North West, issued today.

According to Eugene Brink, senior researcher at the SRI, 14 of the 19 local authorities in North West, one of which is a city council, obtained a liveability score of less than 2 out of 10. Brink says that 9 municipalities obtained the lowest liveability score, namely 1 out of 10. The Tlokwe Local Municipality did the best, obtaining a liveability score of 7 out of 10.

Brink attributes the municipalities’ poor scores to a variety of factors, including high crime rates and high unemployment levels; inadequate health care facilities and infrastructure; and drinking water that is of a very poor quality. “Most of the municipalities could have performed better had they addressed major shortcomings in their service delivery. Corruption and poor governance are the main contributors to not resolving these issues,” Brink says.

Brink is of the opinion that the result of those municipalities scoring 5 and higher out of 10 is encouraging. Among them count the Rustenburg, Matlosana and Tlokwe Local Municipalities. “Tlokwe (which includes Potchefstroom) has a fairly low unemployment rate (21,6%); higher income levels than in the rest of the municipalities in the province; with informal housing on a limited scale; good health care and many private healthcare facilities; many households have flush toilets and tap water in their homes; and the municipality has achieved exceptionally high Blue Drop and Green Drop scores (among the highest in the country). Moreover, the refuse of 80% of its households is removed on a weekly basis by the municipality,” Brink explains. Matlosana (which includes Klerksdorp) and Rustenburg show more or less the same trend.

He, however, cautions that there is room for improvement even in respect of those municipalities which didn’t perform abysmally. “It should also be noted that a score of 5 out of 10 is not a good score but one that indicates a relatively favourable condition given all the conditions in the municipality. A municipality with such a score may be average in most respects, or it may fare well in some while faring considerably weaker in others. Therefore, even those municipalities in North West that can be considered good still have to make significant progress,” he explains.

The scores of the various municipalities are as follows:

Municipality Score out of 10:
Kgetlengrivier Local Municipality 1½ out of 10
Madibeng Local Municipality 1½ out of 10
Moretele Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Moses Kotane Local Municipality 1½ out of 10
Rustenburg Plaaslike Munisipalitei 5 out of 10
City of Matlosana Local Municipality 5½ out of 10
Maquassi Hills Local Municipality 2 out of 10
Tlokwe City Council 7 out of 10
Ventersdorp Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Greater Taung Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Kagisano-Molopo Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Lekwa-Teemane Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Mamusa Local Municipality 2 out 10
Naledi Local Municipality 3 out of 10
Ditsobotla Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Mahikeng Local Municipality 2½ out of 10
Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Ratlou Local Municipality 1 out of 10
Tswaing Local Municipality 1 out of 10

Previously, the SRI issued liveability monitors for Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. These monitors are aimed at measuring the liveability of a province at a municipal level. Liveability is analysed by means of a set of key indicators and sub-indicators.

Click to here view the Solidarity Research Institute’s Liveability Monitor for North West 2014.





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