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Weakening of property rights harmful to all, not just whites and foreigners

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The ANC shouldn’t be under the impression that they would really improve the economic position of their supporters by reducing the property rights of others. This is the position of the Solidarity Movement after the ANC National Executive Committee’s latest decisions on land ownership have become public.

According to Solidarity Research Institute head, Piet le Roux, the weakening of property rights, such as limiting land tenure to 12 000 ha and to refuse foreign nationals ownership, will have disastrous consequences. “The direction of change in ownership in a country is one of the key indicators of economic growth, political stability and social prosperity. It has been so throughout the history of the world that whenever property rights in a state have been undermined the rest of the economy and the politics followed suit with disastrous consequences for society.”

Le Roux says instead of restoring the property rights of black people after those rights had been disregarded prior to 1994, the ANC is now essentially reducing the property rights of all South Africans and of foreign nationals to the levels of what had been deemed appropriate for black people prior to 1994. “The road to long-term prosperity for everyone in South Africa is to rather strengthen the property rights of all. The goal shouldn’t be to destroy the so-called “propertied class” but to give people, including black people the freedom to be part of it,” Le Roux says.

Le Roux is of the opinion that the proposals are haphazard as well. “Has the ANC really considered what 12 000 ha really come to? It’s an area of 12 km by 10 km. In many regions of the country it wouldn’t be possible to farm such a piece of land, while in other regions such a piece of land would make you a very wealthy person. These ill-considered views the ANC has now expressed are indicative of reactionism and show disrespect for the particular circumstances that apply to different people and in different communities in different places. We’ve come to expect such statements from the EFF but the ANC should know better.”





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